Why Can’t You Gamble Before You Reach A Certain Age?


Along with drinking, smoking, watching certain movies, driving and captaining a ferry, gambling is illegal for people under a certain age. In general 18 is the age at which people can start gambling legally, while you can buy scratch cards or play the lottery if you are 16. Also, many casinos and betting shops operate a minimum age of 21 policy, so even if you are legal they may not let you in.

So why is it that there is an age at which it is suddenly OK to gamble: 918kiss


One of the major reasons gambling is illegal for young people, is because (like drinking and smoking) it is deemed to be detrimental to their life. Gambling is basically the risking of money in order to get more money. Most young people don’t have a lot of money, or a lot of their own money. They don’t fully understand the responsibility of money and could easily waste a lot of their parent’s money or all their pocket money gambling without appreciating the risks. When you reach 18 it is thought that someone is old enough to understand the risks.


Like any of a child’s pass times like football or computer games, they may well get into them with a lot of excitement and dedication. If gambling is the pass time they choose they could easily get rather obsessed with everything it involves and not really understand why it is a bad thing. Unlike collecting sports cards or following a football team, gambling requires a considerable risk and financial commitment that could get a child in a lot of trouble. Reaching the age of 18 is thought by most authorities to be an acceptable point where an individual can adequately weigh up the risks and responsibilities involved in gambling.

There are many methods of gambling online and it is important that the websites that make these services available take every measure possible in order to prohibit children from gaining access to online gambling accounts. With it being so easy for people to get access to accounts online it is also vital that the parents take responsibility themselves.

Anywhere you don’t know the rules

Not knowing the rules is a further reason why it is not legal for an under 18 to gamble. Even though some will understand the ins and outs of a poker game, it is thought that 18 is a good age to let them put these skills into practice where they might come up against professionals.

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